Annoncer is the easiest, most advanced
kitchen system you will ever use.

Moving from your old black and white kitchenchits to Annoncer is like having your eyes opened for the first time. Its award winning user interface is easy and intuitive and uses colour to help you prioritise what is really important. Your kitchen will never be the same again.

Improve your service

Better communication between your front of house and back of house staff will not only improve your service, but your ROI as well. Real-time notifications, party and ticket statuses and more helps your time be all can be!

More focus, better overview

Annoncer helps you improve your service by giving you a clear overview of your order tickets. Using smart sorting and an award-winning user interface, you will always know where you stand. Even during the busiest of services.


Integrate your POS

Receive orders from your POS and present them on Annoncer. Use your POS to fire courses, set allergens or languages for your guests and more! Annoncer is the perfect companion for every Point of Sale system.

Display reservations

Knowing what to expect and being able to anticipate can make or break a service. Connect your reservation system and have an up to date view of expected guests and their special requests.

View guest history

Annoncer keeps track of your guests and their visit history. You will know exactly how often and when your guests visited you and what products they enjoyed.


Use tags to keep track of allergens, VIPs, special notes and more. Easy to use and you can even create new tags on the fly.

Station views

Every station can have their own ticket view, including a real-time summary of all items ordered, fired and cooking. No more miscommunications or surprises!

Summary dashboard

Annoncer has a great real-time dashboard giving you accurate insights into your teams performance. This allows you to react to situations right away!

Cutlery & wine

With Annoncer you can now ensure yourself the table is ready for the next course with real-time cutlery and drinks statuses.

Item editing

Want to make last minute changes to a ticket? Annoncer allows you to adjust, rearrange and remove items quickly and without effort.

An award-winning user interface

What good are the most advanced kitchen systems if they are too complicated to use? Our design team spends countless hours testing the ease of
use and intuitiveness of our applications. This aspect of software design is often overlooked in business applications, but we believe strongly in
this philosophy. Training times are virtually non-existant and less manual errors are made. It works so smoothly, you'll hardly notice it's there
at all. Exactly as intended.

The timeline is your friend

Annoncer offers great insight into what you need to be doing, but it also gives you a very clear overview of what you've already done. The Annoncer Timeline shows you exactly what action you performed at what time and how long it took for the next action to take place. This helps you quickly understand what happend during service and gives you insight into potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

items ordered
course 1 fired
course 1 cooking
items voided
course 1 plated



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